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Throwback to this editorial, Red Memories, for House of Solo Magazine I shot this story back in 2017 with my old camera, Canon 60D with kit lens, 18-135mm. Anyone who used to have or use these camera and lens knows these are not the greatest kit for fashion ever. Lens is not sharp enough, besides its really blunt, blurry and my dear old camera, 60D, creating lots of noise over 400 ISO, so I was trying to keep the ISO lower than 400 and the lens is not wider aperture than 3.5. As you know or guess this is ok for day light but in any indoor or night shoots this is a disadvantage.Was I not using my camera inside? Of course I was using. In a point I realised image quality yes, it is something but creative eye and my point of view or my idea is more important than my equipment, so I decided to use higher ISO taking risk to have noisy photos. To be honest I even liked it in a certain level, it added a texture on the photo which one of the things I admire film cameras, photos come with the natural texture.I can […]
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Who Does Not Like BTS?

Who doesn’t like behind the scenes? I like when photographers are sharing their workflow and behind the scenes pictures but I always forget to post them most of the time. It helps to learn more of what creatives can do, how they think etc. and on this post I’d like to show you there was nothing additional equipment except my camera, and my great team to make this images perfect! The rest of it my direction, communication with the model and my experiences both on the field and on post production. I shot this story for Grazia Magazine with beautiful Bella from Elite London, my friend Dana styled this story as always and Meg did the hair and make up. I shot this story with Canon 5d Mark III with 24-70 2.8 lens, managed all the colors on Capture One and retouched rest of it on Adobe Photoshop with Wacom retouching pad. To see the full story click here Photographer / Retoucher : Ekin Can BayrakdarStylist : Dana Verri Hair and Make up : Meg Koriat Model : Bella @ Elite London Assistant Photographer : Ersin Er Assistant Stylists : Giorgia Sanna & Damyana Krasteva  Dress by Flow The Label Stockings by Elissa Poppy Earrings by […]
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The Roof Top – Factice Magazine Shooting

The idea of mine was shooting on the roof top like in New York scenes, that we could be able to see all the sky scrapers around and in the city of London. I contacted a friend of mine, a great celebrity stylist, Natalie Wilkins, who styled such as Dua Lipa, Alt- J, Birdie, Alice Chapter and many more. I discussed my idea with her and she told me we could shoot on her roof top, and she sent me some photos of her roof top. In this story, we were aiming to shoot for Spring Summer 2020 in usually a cloudy, rainy London City. I used a speed light with color gel to create a sunset scene inside and outside, no diffuser or light modifier front of the light source. We started shooting on outside on the roof top, and went back to inside when started raining, this time I bounced the light from the corner of the wall to create nice and gloomy light to create this warm color scheme to match with the styling. I took all of my equipments with me on set because you never know what you need on the set rather than lack […]
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